A glimmer of light – some EOs will be enabled

In answer to a tweet of October 11th which asked when we would know plans for EO lines in Blockley, Fastershire said on 12 October “@AdrianBeney We’re working in Blockley now and plans will include some work to EO lines, however exact lines can’t be confirmed in advance ”  The tweet is linked here https://twitter.com/Fastershire/status/653581796316196864

I then asked about those who would not be enabled, and Fastershire said:

“Within the project’s fixed project budget we’ll be reaching all of the EO lines we’re able to upgrade to superfast speeds.”  I’ve asked if that’s a generic statement about EO lines, or specific news about Blockley.

So cautious good news, but who will get it and who won’t?

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