About this website

About this website

This website has been set up by me, Adrian Beney. I moved to Blockley in 2014 when my wife, Dana Delap, became the Vicar,  We live (unsurprisingly)  in the Vicarage in the Square – one of the areas in the Blockley No Fibre zone.

I work as a fundraising consultant for More Partnership, and amongst other things run an award winning fundraising data benchmarking project. This requires a decent internet connection.  So one of the critical things we had to think about when Dana was offered the post of Vicar was whether or not the broadband in Blockley was up to it.

The answer was “just” – and using some technical wizardry, two telephone lines and a “bonding service”, my work is paying for probably the fastest (and most expensive) connection in Blockley, delivering 12Mbps  down / 1.2 Mbps up and costing more than £100 a month.  Fibre promises to speed this up enormously, and to reduce the cost to much less than half what we are paying at the moment.


For all the reasons explained on this website, we may or may not actually get fibre at the Vicarage or any of the other Exchange Only lines in Blockley and I wanted to raise awareness in the hope that this might achieve something.

I don’t work for BT or any other internet supplier.

Please use the feedback page to comment.  Or google my email address. It’s easy enough to find. But don’t expect me to pass on your comments to Fastershire, BT and all the others – it will be all the more useful if you do that yourself.