Blockley Broadband today

Existing technology

At present, anyone in Blockley with broadband is likely to be using what’s called an ADSL connection. This stands for “Assymetric Digital Subscriber Line.” The “Assymetric” bit is important since it means that the download speed is different from upload speed.

In the UK there are two different “flavours” of ADSL in use depending on the type of local exchange. Until October 2015, Blockley had the older, slower exchange. All subscribers in Blockley – that is anyone with an 01386 7xxxxx number – should now be able to get the service outlined in pink, which was first available in the UK in around 2005. This is a very recent change, and you may need to ask your Internet Service Provider for the improved service which should be available at no extra charge.

Service Name Download Speed Upload Speed Exchange Type
8 Mbps 0.48 Mbps
(or 0.83 Mbps for an extra fee)
20th century Exchange
ADSL 2/2+ 12/20 Mbps 1.4 Mbps 21st century Exchange

The actual speed you get at your house will almost always be less than this because of electrical losses and interference in the cable between the exchange and your house.

In this increasingly internet-enabled world is limiting our ability to communicate, to work, and to enjoy the benefits of latest technology.

The next page explains why this is the case.