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  1. I have been looking for information on Blockley EO lines for some time and only found this website today. Your correspondence is very interesting, albeit disappointing that they have not been able to answer your query. I will be affected by the EO issue, and would prefer not to have to keep paying for two ADSL lines as I am currently.

  2. Dave Elliman says:

    I reported that BT had accepted my order for BT Infinity. I went for the 38 Mb option and they promised delivery yesterday 20/10. I received a new BT Hub 5 and they are taking a good deal more money out of my bank account. The bad news is it seems to be a con. My connection is no faster and averages about 6Mb download speed! It seems to be an entirely imaginary product. Complaining now….

  3. Chris says:

    Disappointing result. Let’s hope it’s a mistake that can be rectified

  4. Dave Elliman says:

    I phoned them to ask why the broadband was no faster. A lady with a strong Indian accent answered. She was trying to be helpful, but was almost incomprehensible. To paraphrase what I did understand, “It doesn’t work.” “Engineers say there are faults.” “Don’t phone us we will contact you when it is mended.” I wasn’t left feeling very hopeful of faster broadband anytime soon.

  5. chris says:

    My regular ADSL broadband has significantly improved recently. I have only ever been able to achieve 5Mb/s down & .360Mb/s up. Today I measured 16Mb/s down – more than I’m paying for.

    • adrian says:

      That’s theoretically impossible unless they’ve upgraded the Exchange to ADSL2. The Blockley Exchange isn’t theoretically capable of synching at greater than 8,128 kpbs. Hope it lasts!

  6. Chris says:

    I’m only getting .500 up, but still better than .360 normal

  7. phil sellick says:

    We have been investigating the wider issue of the area as well . There is a database that maps the cabs in the area

    This is the status for the roll out .

    P1 – Blockley by the Mill Pond – will have high speed broadband
    P2 – Bourton on the Hill – won’t have high speed
    P3 – Top of Pasture Lane – serves us and Draycott, Northwick Park Business Park, Batsford, Broad Campden won’t have high speed
    P5 – By the Old Hall – Will have high speed
    P4 – Opposite the Great Western – Will have high speed

    So this means that a large area of Blockley Geographically won’t have high speed broadband. Few thoughts (and we have to remember this isn’t an official tool so it may not be 100% accurate). We have emailed fastershire many times, asking for them to confirm this, to be fobbed off with PR statements, we just want to know if this is true and if it is, what is the plan for the rest.

    It is a scandal that fastershire won’t admit that large areas will see no improvement, including some business parks. That the criteria for measurement (ie 95% greater than 2M) doesn’t say what 95% is – it should be active users not houses, some of which maybe holiday cottages used infrequently.

    Finally ! – this is a government funded initiative, so we the tax payer will have funded this upgrade. I appreciate that some things are impractical, but there are some things that are.

    Upgrading the exchange to ADSL2+ would release speeds upto 20 Mbits.s to most people, connected to the exchange or on a none fibre cab rather than giving 100 M services to a few. This is the service in Chipping Campden

    Fastershire are briefing CDC, with slick PR, who I am sure don’t understand the difference between FTTc, FTTh, ADSL2+, etc, and come Dec I suspect Fastershire will say ‘well we did tell you’ and CDC and Blockley council will look daft for ‘agreeing’ to the specific roll out geography without understanding what they agreed to.

    We do need to highlight the issue to MP’s etc and maybe local press, as Fastershire (ie BT Wholesale with a different hat on) wont budge

    • adrian says:

      I hope you don’t mind, Phil, but I’ve “promoted” a copy of this post to the main posts section of the website.

      I’ve added a note that it now seems possible to order an ADSL2+ service in Blockley. That’s come in rather quietly. But I’ve order mine for provisioning next week. It might be worth seeing whether you can get your ISP to order an upgrade.

  8. Dave says:

    I still have no improvement to my ADSL1 broadband, despite BT now charging me for FTTC, and have had no communication from them whatsoever.
    I wondered if Adrian had though of running his application on a remote server and simply administering it from Blockley. This is what I did to get over the very low upload speed. I use a Rackspace server in Texas and just login or look at an admin screen to get info.

    • adrian says:

      I have thought of doing the remote thing. It may come to that! But that still doesn’t help with cloud backups, video conferencing etc….

  9. Dave Elliman says:

    I finally got some information from BT as follows:

    We’re sorry, your order has not progressed as expected.

    We are aware of the problem and a specialist team is working on it. We will be in contact as soon as we have further news.

  10. David Elliman says:

    It works! I am getting 37.5 Mbps download and 9.8 upload.

  11. Lucy Blyth says:

    Hi. I have just ordered BT Infinity 1 for pretty much the same price as my existing Broadband Package. We are getting circa 6.5Mb on existing. My new package says 15 to 22 Mb, but only guarantees 13Mb. But since I am only paying about £1 more a month and I can pull out after 10 days, it seems worth having ago. We are in your EO red area, on Brook Lane, and have ASDL 2 and apparently are on Cabinet 5. Hope this helps. Will let you know after 25th November if we get better speeds. Thank you for all the work you have clearly put into this site – its been really helpful.

    • adrian says:

      Thanks. Cabinet 5 as of about 10 days ago. Prior to that we were all Exchange Only. What I don’t understand is why Fastershire were so coy not only about who would get upgraded, but even about the decision making process leading to an upgrade.

  12. Suzi Watson says:

    BT are offering half price Fibre today on Black Friday for£10.00 per month plus line rental etc. There is also another company offering service in the area called Fleur Telecom. The latter does not offer TV services

  13. I’ve just found this website today. What a great idea Adrian. As Bourton on the Hill residents we are connected to Blockley’s Cabinet 2 (and the end of the line – 2MB download) and we were told we weren’t being upgraded. However, a couple of days ago my wife received an email from EE telling us to keep our router switched on as the connection was being upgraded within the next three weeks. Has anyone else received any news like this? I don’t know whether to believe it.

    • adrian says:

      Sorry you didn’t know about it earlier. EE may be referring to an upgrade from ADSL to ADSL2 which has happened to at least some of the lines in Blockley.

      Have a dig around the Links section and try your number against BT’s DSL Checker and Magenta systems’ links and see what they are saying for your number.

  14. David Elliman says:

    I have just upgraded by my Broadband from 38 Mbps download speed to 54 without paying much more for it. The prices are going up and new customers will get the higher speed anyway. However, existing customers can get the upgrade by renewing their contract for 12 months.

  15. Nick Cluley says:

    I have been chasing BT for an update on why Cabinet 3 is not part of the upgrade and i received this reply today some 5 months after first asking the question!!

    “I have now concluded my investigation into why the cabinet which serves your premises has not yet been included in the roll out of Fibre to date. Openreach have confirmed that there are too few customers currently connected to this cabinet to make it economically viable at this time.

    I note that Christine has discussed with you that BT offer an alternative solution but that you have decided against pursuing this.. ( the alternative service was going to cost over £100 per month!!)

    I appreciate that you will be disappointed at this news and I’m sorry that I can’t offer you any indication at this time if this position is likely to change in the near future.

    Billy Donnachie
    BT Chairman & CEO Business Complaints Specialist
     Tel: 0800 085 3662
    British Telecommunications PLC”

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