Fibre goes live for more lines than expected, but some are still left out

It seems that BT Openreach has, against the odds, converted some (or even all) of the old telephone lines which were connected directly to the Exchange to go through a new cabinet. This means that orders can now be made for a Fibre service for most of the lines in central Blockley.   In discussing this with two different Internet Service Providers I’ve been told that “I have only heard of BT doing this in one other case – most people with EO lines have been left in the lurch”. So this is tremendously good news.

This now leaves people in Draycott, Northwick Park and Bourton-on-the-Hill – those served by Cabinets 2 and 3 – with no certainty about whether these cabinets will be upgraded.  At present none of the official sources of information are very encouraging about this.  They don’t say they won’t be, but they don’t say they will be.  However, the recent upgrade of the Blockley Exchange to ADSL2+ may mean that better speeds are already available, especially for with the shortest cable run to the Blockley Exchange. Anyone in these areas should contact their ISP to ask whether ADSL2 / ADSL2+ would give them better speeds than they have at present.  For example, a quick check showed that a number in Draycott should now be able to get around 4.5Mb/s and Northwick Park 4Mb/s. Bourton-on-the-Hill is a tougher nut to crack owing the distance from the Exchange, and the dispersed nature of the village.

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4 Responses

  1. Suzi Watson says:

    I have spoken to Talk Talk today and they say although they have ULL access they asre not able to provide a service yet. The work that BT Openreach has done will now trigger their company to install further cabling for the ULL element. This could be a couple of months before a service is available.

  2. Suzi Watson says:

    I have now spoken to BT today and yes I can get Fibre on cabinet 5 (High Street) with a speed of about 38-40 MB. Provisioning is about 10-14 days. So I shall be going ahead.

  3. David Artingstall says:

    Hi, Adrian – thanks for all the info you have shared on this topic. Over here in Draycott I am on Cabinet 3, so no fibre options (yet, ever?), but can report distinct improvement. I get an almost doubling of speed on some tests – I am getting around 5Mb/s down sometimes (not always, but double my old expectation!) and just under 1 Mb/s up (used to be a third of that). I assume this is the ADSL2+ effect, but has happened with no intervention from me.

    • adrian says:

      Entirely possible due to ADSL2/2+. Some ISPs will do the upgrade without being asked, and almost every ADSL modem sold in the last 10 years will use 2/2+ if it becomes available.

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