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Phil posted the following in the comments section, but it seems worth highlighting what he says by creating a stand alone post. Phil wrote the following:

We have been investigating the wider issue of the area as well . There is a database that maps the cabs in the area

This is the status for the roll out .

P1 – Blockley by the Mill Pond – will have high speed broadband
P2 – Bourton on the Hill – won’t have high speed
P3 – Top of Pasture Lane – serves us and Draycott, Northwick Park Business Park, Batsford, Broad Campden won’t have high speed
P5 – By the Old Hall – Will have high speed
P4 – Opposite the Great Western – Will have high speed

So this means that a large area of Blockley Geographically won’t have high speed broadband. Few thoughts (and we have to remember this isn’t an official tool so it may not be 100% accurate). We have emailed fastershire many times, asking for them to confirm this, to be fobbed off with PR statements, we just want to know if this is true and if it is, what is the plan for the rest.

It is a scandal that fastershire won’t admit that large areas will see no improvement, including some business parks. That the criteria for measurement (ie 95% greater than 2M) doesn’t say what 95% is – it should be active users not houses, some of which maybe holiday cottages used infrequently.

Finally ! – this is a government funded initiative, so we the tax payer will have funded this upgrade. I appreciate that some things are impractical, but there are some things that are.

Upgrading the exchange to ADSL2+ would release speeds upto 20 Mbits/s to most people, connected to the exchange or on a non fibre cab rather than giving 100 M services to a few. This is the service in Chipping Campden. [Note – it appears some people in Blockley in the last few days have been able to order an ADSL2+ service. Adrian]

Fastershire are briefing CDC, with slick PR, who I am sure don’t understand the difference between FTTc, FTTh, ADSL2+, etc, and come Dec I suspect Fastershire will say ‘well we did tell you’ and CDC and Blockley council will look daft for ‘agreeing’ to the specific roll out geography without understanding what they agreed to.

We do need to highlight the issue to MP’s etc and maybe local press, as Fastershire (ie BT Wholesale with a different hat on) wont budge

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