Not Fibre, but ADSL2+ now available

It appears that the Blockley Exchange’s ADSL equipment (not fibre) has been upgraded. So it appears anyone can ask their Internet Service Provider to upgrade their service to ADSL2 / ADSL2+

While nowhere near as fast as fibre, especially as far as uploads are concerned, this is an improvement.

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9 Responses

  1. chris says: just took my order for 76Mb/s broadband in Chapel Lane. I have (or possibly had) an EO line. Delivery expected in 2 weeks.

  2. chris says:

    It looks like my EO line has been moved to cabinet 5

  3. adrian says:

    Well – alleluia. At the vicarage we can also place an order, which is very exciting – again through Cabinet 5. But they are offering 37Mb/s rather than 74.

    Which is odd since on the other side of the road, the houses connected through Cabinet 4 are being offered 80MB/s

  4. adrian says:

    Odd isn’t it. If you test 01386 701411 which is the shop it suggests 80 is available.

  5. adrian says:

    It also appears 80Mb/s is available from Cabinet 5 (I tested a number close to the Exchange), so maybe it’s just a distance thing. Not that the house on the other side of the street is further away from the exchange than we are, even allowing for the different wiring run.

  6. Chris says:

    I’m hoping that the estimate is conservative, and I get a bit more than 44. Like you, it’s the upload that is important, estimate is 6, but could be as high as 19.

  7. chris says:

    Fast Broadband installed today. Actual connection speed exactly as estimated 37/6 from cabinet 5. Test on speedchecker tonight I’m actually getting 25/5 but hopefully this is due to time of day.

    • adrian says:

      I think that sounds like good news! Certainly the installation is, and 25/5 is so much better than the old first generation ADSL.

      I still don’t understand why they are only predicting 37/6 for connections through cabinet 5 though. Cable runs of similar length through Cabinet 4 are being predicted as high as 75 or 80.

      It could be do to with the fact that the wiring for much of the Cabinet 5 area is actually aluminium not copper.

      I will ask the engineer who’s coming tomorrow to fit our fibre connection. At present we are synchronising successfully with an extraordinarily low s/n ratio (1.5dB) so it suggests the line quality is almost perfect.

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