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There are a number of things you can do which may improve our chances of getting fibre.

Things you can do

Write to the Fastershire project and explain that you are on an Exchange Only line and you want Fibre Broadband.  The person who seems to be dealing with Blockley is called Ben, and the email address is business@fastershire.com Or tweet them at twitter.com/Fastershire

Write to any or all of your parish councillor, district councillor, county councillor and MP.  Contact details are here.  Things you might point out are:

  • The economic health of a rural community is increasingly dependent on good technology
  • The affected area in Blockley is small but densely populated. A solution would enable a considerable number of houses to be fibre enabled, making a big hit on Fastershire’s “Total Homes Passed” target
  • The last time the Blockley Exchange was upgraded was 2004.
  • Blockley’s existing broadband connection is using older technology and is not “unbundled” resulting in a slower existing ADSL service, with less choice of supplier than Chipping Campden, Broadway, Moreton-in-Marsh, Shipston-on-Stour or Stow-on-the-Wold.

Register your interest with Fastershire

The simplest is to register on Fastershire’s Website website. They will “keep you posted” on when fibre broadband is going to be available. Don’t worry, you’re unlikely to be deluged with email. I registered a year ago, and then again six months ago, and have heard nothing.  But it does mean they know people in Blockley want fibre.

Tell your friends and neighbours

Obvious, but please do it!  There’s a Broadband in Blockley poster here.  Also, share the website on your Facebook or Twitter or Instagram Feed. There are links at the bottom of each page.

When you’ve done something

Will you put a comment on this page to say so please?

7 Responses

  1. Dave Elliman says:

    I liven Blockley and managed to sign up to upgrade to BT Infinity today with a delivery date of 20th October 2015. It must be here!

  2. Tweet sent today:

    @Fastershire @BlockleyHub Majority of village residents in Blockley have EO lines. What plans are in place to deliver fibre to these homes?

  3. Chris says:

    Twitter Reply from Fastershire 12th Oct 2015:

    Our plans in Blockley include work to EO lines, however the exact lines which will be included cannot be confirmed in advance

  4. David Ivens says:

    Excellent resource, and thanks for pulling it all together. I live in Draycott and am receiving a lot of support for perhaps initiating a group response. Do you have a register of supporters to demonstrate numbers affected? I shall share this website. I note the last comment was in 2015. Has the momentum died off in Blockley now?

    • adrian says:

      I think you can get the number of homes served by each cabinet from the Magenta Systems website linked from this one. I never set up a supporters thing, only encouraged people to write to anyone they could think of!

      Central Blockley got switched on to fibre in the autumn of 2015, leaving the smaller settlements in the civil parish and Bourton-on-the-Hill without any fibre provision. So, yes, I suppose momentum has died off in Blockley since the problem is solved, but not for anyone a little way away from the exchange.

      I wonder if making common cause with all the industrial units at Draycott and Northwick Park would help? It seems extraordinary that they have not been connected. I think I’d be asking the Local Enterprise Partnership for funds to do the industrial units, and then maybe the houses could piggy-back on any provision there.

  5. David Ivens says:

    Thanks Adrian. Most helpful. I like your idea of making a common cause with the industrial units. I shall see who’s interested. Cheers

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