Why Fibre?

Fibre promises to deliver faster, more responsive, more useful broadband. As well as things like better internet TV, music streaming and so on, it’s also a critical tool for the increasing number of people who work from home.  A recent survey1 showed that slow broadband can even affect house prices.

For those who are in the right bits of the village, Fibre in Blockley will bring speeds enjoyed by some cable customers in urban areas in the UK, and almost as much as what’s already available to customers in parts of rural Ireland!

Why download speed matters

When broadband first came out, download speed was almost all that mattered, and this is still what all the advertising talks about. Download speed affects how quickly you can get a web page, download a big file like a photo or video or a new piece of software and what quality of picture you can stream onto services like BBC IPlayer. Fibre promises to deliver downloads almost 10 times faster than Blockley’s current ADSL.

Upload speed matters too – perhaps even more.

Upload speed matters too, for two main reasons. Firstly, upload speed affects responsiveness of your device because your computer, smartphone, TV or other internet enabled device has to send messages out to the call for those downloads. Secondly, and even more importantly, the way we are using the internet is changing. Our ability to send data outbound is becoming much more important. The slow, upload, side of the assymetric connection is the limiter on our use of the internet for things like:

  • making telephone or video calls using Skype or Facetime or Whatsapp;
  • using a 3G signal booster in areas where there is no mobile phone signal;
  • using online photo libraries;
  • file sharing services like Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft Skydrive and Apple’s iCloud;
  • online email services like GMail and Hotmail;
  • online “cloud” based file backup services

Blockley’s current maximum outbound speed for most people is 0.48 Mbps. Fibre promises, in principle, to make this as much as 40 times faster.


There is a serious risk that a whole group of houses in Blockley will not be connected to Fibre because of the way in which our houses are currently connected to the Exchange.  Click to find out which areas are affected and why.

1. Halifax Bank / IS Preview Oct 2014